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What You Can Expect

DeeJ Experience paired with The Corry Journal presents The Corry Journal Sports Stream, a DeeJ Experience Production. The project aims to provide quality live stream content that benefits the community. This includes helping our School Athletics by providing LIVE coverage of sport events, Tape for college scouts, and memories that will last a life time.

DeeJ Experience also helps our local Salt Church with streaming Sunday services live. We also look to help other churches in the community with both live and prerecorded events that will help bring the church community together as a whole. This includes the launching of DeeJ Experience Online Radio in January on 2021

DeeJ Experience also looks to help our small local businesses with video advertisements for their website and social media platforms at an affordable rate.



Make A Lasting Impact on our community by providing Crisps 1080p HD at 60fps So students, parents, teachers, friends, and family can watch around the world. We also provide tape for our student athletes that they can take to college coaches. We have helped students get into college programs with our footage.

<Maddie & Meg of Corry Volleyball


We are always learning and trying to come up with new details and ideas to make our live stream productions better. We try to live by the "Get Better Every Day" motto. We strive to be the best version that we can be in order to reach out and provide the best service to our community.

<Scott and Bob calling the live action

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Salt Church  Sunday Services LIVE at 10:30 a.m.

Salt Church has become our home base for our outreach. Although we are based at Salt, we work with the Corry church community as a whole to support, promote, and communicate church events throughout the community

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